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A Smart Solution For Equipment & Environmental Monitoring

Fast Track to Smart Monitoring

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Fast Track to Smart Monitoring

Interactive Displays & Audit Trails

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TruTraq® , a smart solution for

equipment and environmental monitoring, has everything you need – a front-end that is easy to use and configure, sensors designed for your application, control panels, turnkey installation and startup, as well as GAMP 5 documentation to comply with qualification of your facility. Data is securely collected, alarm conditions are detected, and personnel alerted to prevent compromise of product and equipment. TruTraq®  enables the success of your compliance, quality, safety, and data collection efforts.

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Standards-based approach provides a clear path from concept to configuration, installation, and active monitoring. Data collection and alarming provides timely notifications and unmatched insights into your process. Integrate all your equipment and environmental data from multiple sources. Use the power of IoT to integrate with big-data analytics tools to turn large amounts of data into knowledge that can drive compliance and business results.

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How It Works

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TruTraq can easily communicate to your existing systems - BAS, PLCs, IoT data sources, historians, etc.  TruTraq supports common industry protocols including OPC, MQTT, Modbus (TCP or RTU) or OLE-DB.


No need for searching for installation and startup contractors. As a licensed contractor, we will install your new system in accordance with plant standards and local electrical codes.

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Alarms and events are capture and collected – automatically. Audit trail entries include date/timestamp and all relevant information.  Events include setting/parameter changes, security (login/logout) events, and configuration changes.  

Why Choose Us

35+ Years of Experience

Instant Access to Instrument Data

Turnkey System Installations

Easily Communicates to Systems

Thorough Built-in Audit Trail

Alarms & Events Data Captured

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