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How It Works

A Fully Functioning System in its Own Right

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Integrates to Your Existing Control System

While TruTraq is a fully functional system in its own right, it is friendly and can easily communicate to your existing systems - BAS, PLCs, IoT data sources, historians, etc.  TruTraq supports common industry protocols including OPC, MQTT, Modbus (TCP or RTU) or OLE-DB.

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Monitoring Room

Turnkey System Integration

No need for searching for installation and startup contractors. As a licensed contractor, we will install your new system in accordance with plant standards and local electrical codes.

“We don’t just deliver TruTraq to your doorstep – we install it. (we can validate it too).”


Built-in Audit Trail

Alarms and events are capture and collected – automatically. Audit trail entries include date/timestamp and all relevant information.  Events include setting/parameter changes, security (login/logout) events, and configuration changes.  

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Business Environment Monitoring US

Does Not Require Any Existing Systems or Infrastructure

TruTraq is truly one-stop shopping. We provide everything you need for your equipment and environment monitoring application – a fully functional system that is easy to configure and use, instruments, panels, and we will even install and handle the startup! 

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