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Long Term Benefits

Save Time & Money Utilizing Electronic Records


Simplified Calibration Management

Instant access to instrument calibration data through control console or mobile device. 


Save time and money utilizing electronic records.

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TruTraq Configurations Monitoring System
TruTraq Configurations Monitoring 20
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Configuration Changes

Our “no-code” approach means you don’t need to be a programmer to configure TruTraq!  Setup is easy and straightforward – we can provide training so you can be self-sufficient. Too busy to DIY? No problem – we can take this off your plate. Our Smart Solutions team can provide services for configuration, testing, even computer system validation.


Enables Compliance

TruTraq was born to be your compliance tool – by providing a flexible, configurable platform that notifies your team before a batch or production run is in peril.  Time-series data is securely collected, and alarms and events are captured.

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Database Analytical Tools Maximize Compliances

In addition to secure data collection, TruTraq provides tools to access, analyze and report on your time-series and audit trail data. This means you can use this data to demonstrate compliance, and drive operational improvements by looking for patterns and helping to identify the root cause of issues that affect quality, performance, and yield.

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