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Why TruTraq

Focus on Your Business & Leave the Monitoring to us


Our Expertise

TruTraq is the result of years of successfully delivering projects to regulated customers, mostly in the life science sector. We heard and we listened to customers’ needs for a system that is easy and straightforward to configure, install, validate, and use.   

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Our Commitment to Results

Our team will work with yours to ensure all your needs – functional, timeline, and documentation – are satisfied. It’s part of our 35+ year track record of successfully delivering solutions for demanding regulated applications. 

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Our Philosophy

Long-term commitment to our customer’s success – that’s what drives us.  We’re with you every step of the way and will work to ensure that TruTraq is delivers compliance and results for your operation.    

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Streamlined Implementation

TruTraq’s established and scalable platform allows for timely and efficient implementation into your facility. Our standard hardware and software designs shorten the time from concept to implementation.

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